Investment services

Financial risk is everywhere. From the simple savings account to the most complex investment vehicles, risk is a fact of life. Even “under the mattress” exposes your hard earned money to significant risk. In order to control the risks and maximise the returns we have developed a number of processes. These processes help our clients to understand and control risk whilst supporting long term growth.

Comprehensive Financial Appraisal Process

To give you the best possible advice we have developed the “Comprehensive Financial Appraisal Process”. This process enables you to take an active role in identifying the best course of action for your own personal requirements. Using this method allows you to fully understand why a particular course of action is being taken, the benefits, and of course, any possible downsides. The process often identifies risk that the client was not even aware of so potentially helping to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Wealth Management Programme

The “Wealth Management Programme” utilises our industry contacts, independent researchers, and sophisticated research tools to enable us to ensure our client’s investments are continually managed in such a way as to support long term growth whilst controlling risk. The key areas we consider in our investment strategies include,

Using these strategies and others, our clients have the peace of mind that their investments are well placed whatever the economic outlook.